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Melvic Gomez

Full Stack Developer

Mabuhay! I am a full stack developer and UI/UX enthusiast from the Philippines with more than 7 years of experience on creating software application(web and mobile) and websites.

I like spending my free times on cycling, reading books, listening to podcasts, drinking coffee, or playing computer games.


Skill Competencies

On my early career years working hard to developed and enhanced these skills by myself. I've been involved in each step of the process from start (planning) and delivery (deployment).


I developed various websites and applications in different industries. Played all roles in software development lifecycle — support, designer, developer, CI/CD and db manager.


Self-taught UI designer and inspired by Steve Schoger. I had to scale up in order to developed my previous projects.


I started training and managing interns in my previous work. Later on, my team added 3 developers which I co-managed by reviewing their mid-year performance and breaking down the tasks.

Current Stats (2022)

Project Portfolio

Some projects I am proud of because of the limitations I encountered during the development. Learning new technology is never an issue because I have a strong background on programming DESIGN and PATTERN.

Personal Website V2

Pet project by myself when learning new stuffs and practicing my knowledge in development. Expect new features coming in this website.

ReactJS · GatsbyJS · CI/CD · Tailwind CSS · GraphQL · Contentful · Typescript

Accouting Online Platform

An end-to-end platform for most influential body of professional accountants in US and UK. Platform is about accessing accounting resources and subscription.

ReactJS · CI/CD · Styled Component · GraphQL · Contentful · Salesforce · NodeJS · ExpressJS· Okta · Commercetools · Typescript

Fitness and Health - Progress Tracker

A mobile app dedicated for the company's annual race that includes a 5-week training programme with a dozen different hiking/running 'challenges' around Hong Kong to choose from.

ReactJS · React Native · AntDesign · Android · iOS · Laravel · PHP · Firebase

3D Virtual Exhibition for 2021 Event

Online 3D virtual exhibition with interactive engagement between presentor and investor thru online live stream. Platform you can accessible in web and mobile.

ReactJS · Unity3D · AntDesign · Agora · Android · iOS

Recent Blogs

Writing these blogs helped me refine all my understanding on tech and techniques I learned from the past. Good way to practice my grammar too!

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Self Improvement

New adventures in life, why is it important?

June 21, 2022 · 2 min read

In order to we should take the steps outside of our comfort zones. An adventure can be frightening, or it can be great.


Intel Alder Lake (12th-gen)

May 24, 2022 · 6 min read

Everything you need to know about Intel Alder Lake 12th-gen cpus.