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New adventures in life, why is it important?

June 21, 2022 · 2 min read

"Without adventure civilization is in full decay." Alfred North Whitehead

I encountered a lot of realizations from my cycling destinations. Creating new memories is one of that. We are supposed to create new memories that we can share to someone(family, friends, and even strangers).

Everyone's story matters specially to someone we meet and around us, there are times you feel that your story doesn't make sense at all. Trust me there will be someone that will disrupt your life and will make sense to everything.

In order to meet that someone who will ruin your life, you should take that one step outside your room or house. This someone will give you a different perspective in life. Yes, I met mine. Remember, not all adventures are exciting. Adventure can be frightening and sometimes you have to conquer that alone, be strong!

New adventures means you have stories for others. Make one and share your stories to me. Looking forward to hear it from you!


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